Customizable Memorial Pillow


Memorial Throw or Ring pillows can be made with just a single adult shirt or several pieces of clothing. Pictured are 3 different memorial pillows – one made from strips of scarves, one made from a shirt, and one set of ring pillows made from a father’s favorite shirt and pants.

We now fabric-print all our embroidery in beautiful fonts!

You can also choose to have a photo printed on the pillow at no additional cost!

Complimentary Services:

  • A custom design highlighting the special fabric.
  • A fabric heart on the pillow front or back.
  • A special phrase, date, name, or picture printed in that heart.
  • The inclusion of special memory items, such as a vial of ashes, a sentimental trinket, a letter from you inside the pillow, or cologne infusion into the stuffing.

All ring pillows also include the addition of a sewn-in matching tied satin ribbon to hold the rings.

To preserve your clothes we manually bond each cut piece to a stronger no fray fabric before we do any sewing. Although it is labour intensive this step reinforces the clothes, so your pillow is firm, huggable, and going to last for years to come.

Finished throw pillows measure 18″ x 18.”

Finished ring pillows measure 6″ x 6.”

How it Works:

We are 100% dedicated to preserving your vision for these special clothes. After your order is placed you simply mail the clothes to our office in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. The shipping details are sent in a confirmation email after checkout.

We welcome you to write us a letter with your vision and story included in your package to us. Once your clothes arrive at our office we will sit down and make sure to call you personally to discuss your vision before we start working on your order.

To make your order the most profound gift you can give we want to know which of your sent clothing is deeply important to you. For example, what would you like highlighted? What did your loved one wear most often? Does a shirt have logos you want to highlight? How can we make this special keepsake truly become a personified memorial of your loved one? Knowing how the clothes carry the memories of your loved one will help us make sure we truly help those memories live on.

Once your order is completed we simply FedEX courier you back the finished order with tracking numbers emailed to you at your convenience.

IMPORTANT: Product only available in Canada and the USA