Out Of The Ashes – Healing In The Afterloss By Benjamin Allen


“Out of the Ashes: Healing in the Afterloss” is a chronicle of the author’s journey through the loss of his wife and two sons to the same devastating illness. Over the course of 13 years, his family died one by one, leaving Benjamin alone in The Afterloss. The world of pain and grief left him reeling, but he did find his footing. His journey to peace is told in raw, vulnerable words that will help others heal as well. This book is an examination of what loss can take, but what it can also give. It is not a book about HIV/AIDS. It is a book that offers practical tips for dealing with any type of loss and moving into acceptance and healing. When you are in the depths of pain, you feel like the pain will last forever, that it will never go away. But Benjamin is here to tell you that it is possible to come to a place of healing and peace. You can even find a new ways to connect with meaning and purpose with the one you lost. Benjamin shares his story so you will know you are not alone. His mission with this book is to encourage you and give you hope. Please give yourself permission to lean into your loss, whether it be fresh or ancient history. Everyone experiences loss. Just as Benjamin made it through the Afterloss of sorrow into healing, you will see how the losses in your life can discover healing, too. Why is a book like this necessary? Grief can be a solitary path. Truly. There are places only you can go. However, when you step in the footprints of others who have journeyed the path of loss and come to a place of healing, you know you can do it, too. This book can help you identify AfterLoss milestones. I share mine so you can, perhaps for the first time, put a name to your thoughts and feelings and actions.


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