Seasons Of Solace – Reflections On Grief by Benjamin Allen


Like seeing one’s reflection on a still pond, Seasons of Solace: Reflections on Grief is a reflection of great loss resting upon nature’s gentle beauty. Our greatest desire is that you will see your reflection in our reflections. Words on a page can never truly describe the emptiness found when someone we love slips beyond our reach. Yet, it is our hope that these words, born out of loss, can be a bridge to solace in your seasons of sorrow. May our hearts meet within these pages and find healing on our common path. May in our shared loss we find our shared life. May in our aloneness we discover our tears fall on the same earth and flow into the same ocean. And through these reflections may our great loss bring us into an even greater love. When we look into the still pond, into our own reflection, we can see others on the water’s edge and know our solitary sorrow is not reflection our aloneness, but of our shared love. Perhaps you find here the comfort of experiencing that you are not alone. Such great loss, such great love, lives within us all. We invite you to join us within these pages in a place of healing in our seasons of solace.


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